about us

Smiling, calming, relaxing – enjoyment and positive emotions are the reason for our searching for the natural transmutation of hot glass into new shapes. The glass is continually changing during the creative process; it is different every split second. It is influenced by ancient stories, relationships between people and the magic of glass craftsmanship. Creation is the projection of life and the result should be a new way of interaction and new manners of transferring enjoyment and positive emotions – relaxing, calming, smiling.


To promote, preserve and share a genuine Czech tradition of masterful art through upholding the quality of all our designs and pieces.

To support glass design artists – both the young and innovative and the proven masters- by providing a channel for: introducing their works and sharing the beauty and joy of the craft.

To awaken your senses and provide inspiration that would bring both value and functionality in everyday life.


Marienberg is the German name for  a small village and hill in the Jizera mountains, called Marianska hora located in North Bohemia, Czech republic. The area of Jizera mountains takes pride in its rich and long tradition of glass works from as long as the end of the 16th century.

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